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Formerly, when the name car engine was mentioned, a big V8 engine with huge dimensions came to mind, now when an engine is mentioned the word “Turbo”, or the fact the car has an eco-option when choosing engine mode. That is due to First- the economy and Second- the brilliance of the turbocharger that provides more efficiency with less fuel consumption.

43905_Engine_Web Twin-Turbo-Lrg

People today are more concerned about getting more options in their cars than getting a bigger engine, cities are crowded and there is not much time or space to drive fast. Also, most car manufacturers that have good market share nowadays,i.e. More sales like Kia in Iraq or Toyota in the international market, provide their customers with more technology rather than power. Also, Economical cars(cars with a smaller engine) are much cheaper. Tata cars cost 3800 dollars on average, about the same price of a V8 hemi cuda engine.


Pricing that comes along with big engines is also a reason why people don’t buy big engined cars. For example, the Toyota Corolla, full options costs $19335 while a Dodge Charger V6 with no options costs $27000 brand new. The cost of running the charger is almost twice that of the Corolla, the Toyota can do 31.7 miles per gallon while the Dodge did only 18.5 Miles per gallon.


And which type you prefer, is completely up to you.



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